One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

This is the day I moved out of my 3rd story apartment in Olathe, KS. The events leading up to my escape from suburbia spanned almost a lifetime. I would embark on a dream that I never thought possible. This is the story of the greatest adventure of my life.

Some people scratch their heads at my methods, what they don’t know is that I think about what I am going to for a long time. My girlfriend Shanna really came through for me that day and we moved out of my apartment in 2 hours flat. What I didn’t know, was that she was figuring out how to throw the bed off the balcony while she was cleaning. When she walked out to offer her idea, all she could do was take this picture. And smile!

My thought process was very simple. Get the fuck out as quickly as possible. Not being an incessant planner, I only figured out that my lease was up two days prior. No matter, I didn’t give a shit. I wanted to vacate with a capital, FUCK THIS.

So I threw the bed off the balcony, gently with a rope. The only harm done in this entire process was a tiny bit of rope burn that I took as a badge of honor. I should also note that I performed this entire act hoping not to draw attention, I did not want anyone to talk me out of the thing I had been obsessing over. I was very surprised that Shanna even noticed and even more surprised that there is photographic evidence to support my claims.

And so we headed to the place that we would dub Frog Island.

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