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On Fences and Gates

Basics: Mending Fences and Hanging Gates Once I started settling in to my new digs, I realized very quickly that the life blood of a Homesteader is fences. There are plenty of fenced area on the property. Enough for me to be able to raise just about any kind of livestock that I choose. And […]

freshly foraged sunchoke

Sunchokes and Country Blokes

This is a story of sunchokes and a country bloke who I thought was a city boy. A story of love and loss and more love. A tale of hopes and dreams and digging holes to find sun soaked gold at the end of an unexpected rainbow after the storm. Most importantly, it’s a story […]

Owl Coffee Cups

Discovering Frog Island

So we put the bed in the truck and headed west. The story of how I found my dream place is notable. The whole experience is born out of frustration and external forces that drive you to seek out your dreams even though you don’t really believe it’s possible. Shanna is a very strong women. […]

One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

This is the day I moved out of my 3rd story apartment in Olathe, KS. The events leading up to my escape from suburbia spanned almost a lifetime. I would embark on a dream that I never thought possible. This is the story of the greatest adventure of my life. Some people scratch their heads […]